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as of april 2020, masons of california are unable to meet due to the pandemic.
if you are interested in freemasonry, please fill out the form below and someone from our lodge will contact with you. please be patient. this is a very trying time for us all. stay safe!


We are the heirs to a legacy that spans generations. From the founding of the first Grand Lodge in London, England in 1717 to the founding of the first Masonic Lodge in Whittier over 100 years ago. Masons have worked to support their communities and each other. Looking over the history of our country and the world, many men who have been instrumental to the founding of nations, invention and discovery, government, learning and the arts have been members of our craft. We can look back with pride at who we have been and what we have done.

But we also look forward. It is our duty to proceed in the footsteps of those who came before us and continue the legacy of action for the betterment of our communities and the world. Masons today strenuously promote a quality free and public education because an informed citizenry is the backbone of democracy. Masons gather together to promote morality and virtue and improve themselves so that they can be exemplary in their life and conduct. We live with the hope that we can, through works great and small, leave the world a better place than we found it.

We are Free and Accepted Masons of the State of California.

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Master / Don
Senior Warden / Jack
Junior Warden / Ralph
Treasurer / Carlos
Secretary / Eric
Chaplain / Nic
Senior Deacon / Eloy
Junior Deacon / Nik
Marshal / Ray
Senior Steward / Andrew
Junior Steward / Jesse
Tiler / Rosendo
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When you become a Mason you become a member of the world’s oldest fraternity. You become a part of a history that spans hundreds of years. You become part of an organization with lodges all over the world. You become part of a legacy that has included millions of honorable, faithful and vital men who made their communities better places in ways big and small. You become a brother to laborers, police men, architects, builders, scientists, artists, presidents and kings. 

Masons are charged with being an example to other men. Masons live their lives in a moral and ethical manner. Masons take care of their families. Masons support the law. Masons have reverence for God. Masons support those in need whether they be other Masons or members of the community at large. Masons, having been brought into the light, work tirelessly to share the light with the world.




(562) 945-5213

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7604 Greenleaf Ave.

Whittier, CA 90602


Stated Meeting & Dinner 

First Thursday 6:30 PM


Second & Third Thursday 7:00 PM

Fourth and Fifth Thursday 

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